Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

Today I am starting a new series called Artist in Focus where I will interview an Artist I admire and showcase their work once a week on Wednesdays.  I hope you will enjoy my selections as much as I do.  And if you feel you would like me to showcase someone you admire please feel free to let me know.

So today we're going to visit Jes, an interior designer by trade and crafter at heart, owner of Etsy Store "DearJes". I stumbled onto Jes's store as I was trying to find Easter related artifacts to write about since Easter is just a little over 3 weeks away....and I just literally gasped at how beautiful her clay eggs were, perfect for easter and a host of other uses.  I quickly decided to contact her and see if she could answer a few questions for me. She graciously agreed. But first, take a look at a few of the goodies in her store:
Easter parade

Personalized egg and pail trio
Family nest
You can see more at DearJes on Etsy.

Here's my interview with Jes:
BB. What inspired you to start your business?
J: I have always been artistic. I have been making gifts for my friends, and decorative items for my home for as long as I can remember. When I found Etsy I knew that it was the perfect forum for my new little venture. 
BB: Did you have any formal training?

J: My degree is from Virginia Tech in Interior Design. It's actually a really great foundation for me. Although my focus in school was much more focused on commercial design, and interior architecture (as opposed to "decorating") I carry so many principles of design and color with me. I apply them daily.

BB: What's your typical day like?

J: I have two sweet rowdy little boys (Cole 6 and Mac 3). So, most of my day is spent caring for/entertaining them. Also, cooking, cleaning, breaking up fights... It's all very glamorous. My Dearjes work is always secondary to my primary "job" as a stay at home Mom. My Dearjes duties come in small bites throughout the day when I can fit them in. My Husband Troy is my photographer... so when he is home, we have "photo shoots". My assistant/friend, Claire does all of my packing and shipping. She does an outstanding job.

BB: Where do you get your inspirations from? 

J:I am inspired directly from nature. I like my nests to appear as if they were discovered in a tree, created by a very smart and literate bird. I also am inspired greatly by the change of seasons. I change the accessories in my home seasonally, and my shop evolves as well.

BB: How do you come up with the color/design themes? 

J: Many of my designs are a tribute to the creativity of the brides I have worked with. We work together to find the prefect cake topper, or ring bearers nest for their wedding. Often that item becomes a regular Dearjes offering. I am a total color-snob. I cringe when a bride asks for fushia eggs. I will make them of course ...though it be through gritted teeth. I just think of the poor diseased bird that laid them. I love colors that appear in nature.

BB: What's your target market? 

J: I'd guess that 80% of our business is bridal. To be honest I was leery to enter this market. I was fearful that I'd be dealing with lots of Bridezillas.... but the truth is that the brides I have had the privilege to work with have been wonderful. Maybe it's the Etsy culture? I feel so lucky to do what I do. It's such joy filled work. I get to play a tiny role in a monumental day in the lives of my customers. I feel so fortunate. 

BB: Anything else you'd want my readers to know about you and or your business? 

J: I take so much pride in my work. I would never ship something that I would not display in my own home, or would have used at my wedding. Dearjes is not a wealth driven venture. It's has been very successful, but at the core I want a creative outlet that inspires me. It's not about putting food on the table. I never want to be out of reach for a bride. We have a very attainable price-point and I am proud of that. I love being a part of the handmade community for this reason. Since opening Dearjes last year, I have become so much more aware of how products are made. It's been a wonderful adventure. 

I hope you have all enjoyed my chat with Jes and her wonderful creations! Have a lovely day.

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  1. These are adorable! I love the idea of a personalized nest of eggs. So cute.


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