Sunday, December 16, 2012

Penelope Cruz is Red Hot!

Hi my dears. Haven't been back here for a while. But I have some beautiful pictures of Penelope Cruz to share with you. She totally looks fabulous in the new Campari 2013 Calendar.
Senorita! Campari is an Italian drink. the photographer is based in Paris... but Penelope's Spanish heritage permeates the shoot

Picture Falling Off The Wall: Traditionally, if a picture of someone specific and/or of significance falls off the wall, it was thought that someone you know will die soon.

Hats On Beds: It was believed that evil spirits lived in the hair and that by placing your hat on the bed you would transfer the evil spirits from hair, to hat and then to the bed, thus allowing the evil spirits to get you at night.

Walking Under A Ladder: One origin of this superstition is in relation to the similarities between a ladder leaning against a wall and a gallows. Anything associated with a gallows is traditionally considered ill luck, so walking under one - or a ladder that looked like one - is not advisable.

Red-dy for rain: Check out Penelope's cheekbones in this shot

You can see more here

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