Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh how I love Turquoise!

As you can tell, I love color and depending on what my mood is that color could be anything as long as its beautifully packaged. Today I'm favoring turquoise and I just seem to have run across so many beautiful turquoise things I had to share.

Beginning with a word from the wise.

followed with Grace Kelly in this beautiful evening gown.

To this beautiful Cottage on Martha's vineyard, MA.

Add a dose of Pretty, I'm sure this is somewhere in Greece!

How about these dishes!

The Laundry Room can also be in Turqoise too!

The Teal Blue Super CowlThe Rain Forest Super Cowl
Sea Green Spring ScarfThe Florida Cowl
and finally an assortment of Turquoise Cowls  my by yours truly from my Etsy Store

Hope you enjoyed it!

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